Whole Foods, Burn Fat, and Build Lean Muscle 30 Day Challenge


Let certified personal trainer Tatiana Scott help you jumpstart your health and fitness goals with her 28 day burn fat and build lean muscle challenge.

Start date:  10/01/2023

End date: 10/30/2023


What you will receive:

1. Access to Tatiana’s App where you can upload before pictures and measurements 

2. 28 day meal plan to follow 

3. 3 live classes a week at 5:00 or 5:30 am cst. on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays 

4. 6 on demand workouts where you can access the app and download your workouts 

5. Tatiana Scott as your personal fitness coach throughout your journey 

6. Tips and tools to help you make this journey a lifestyle 

Top 3 winners will receive FWC leggings, sports bras and bands. 
My Instagram followers will vote on the winners at the end of the challenge